What I'm Loving Wednesday

Miss Dior Cherie

I am absolutely in love with this perfume. Love doesn't even contain enough emotion for how much this scent excites me. Infatuated? Maybe.

What makes my obsession even worse is that Natalie Portman (my ultimate girl crush) is the face of Miss Dior. I'm ridiculously in love. So much so that I actually stop in any Sephora I pass just to get a little spritz of it. I'm insane, it's not okay.

Seriously, how freaking gorgeous, elegant, feminine, and classy is she?

Check out the commercial by Sophia Coppola below and tell me you don't agree.

"Make me a fragrance that smells like love." -Christian Dior

And that's exactly what Miss Dior embodies. Mandarin, jasmine, and patchouli all combine to make this wholesome, seductive, sweet, and playful scent.

The marketing department behind this brand is consistently on point as well, furthering my desire to not only want to wear this perfume but to want be the girl behind it. I'd probably give my left leg to work for Christian Dior and more specifically this fragrance.

Has anyone else tried this perfume on? 
 Do you have a specific perfume that you obsess over?
Am I just nuts?

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