Weekend Recap

Friday night was spent lounging around, cleaning the apt, and being a florist. One of the only cheap things in NYC are flowers, that and mani/pedis. If you need anything else besides pretty nails and flowers in this city then you're going to be dropping twice as many dolla dolla bills than normal.

Anyway, I will randomly stop and pick up a $5 bouquet to add a bit of color to life. This is the current display on the living room coffee table.

And yes, those are Bud Lite Platinum bottles.
Just grab some Goo Gone, muster up some elbow grease to get the labels off and you have yourself a collection of DIY vases. Pretty right?

On Saturday my friend from home came in and I brought her to a mini sorority reunion happy hour on the west side. Then she and I ended up going to a lounge in Meat Packing to dance the night away.

Fast forward a few hours later and we were up and ready to go at 10:00am for the Yanks game.

The crew minus two who we met up with at the game. Total babes.

Right as we were about to leave Lana realized she lost her phone. We searched high and low for that thing. Of course checking the garbage can was necessary...

After thirty minutes of searching we finally found it and were able to head up to the Bronx to pregame (literally) at the bar. We kept it classy with PBR in order to save a few bills before being forced to purchase $12 beers.

There were a ton of Tiger's fans there too so naturally I tweeted something completely obnoxious.

About to "drop bows" and they're not even Boston Fans.

I'm such a sweetheart.

It was a beautiful sunny day, CC pitched, and we won. All in all it was a spledindly solid weekend and 8:00am came way too early this morning.

So now I just feel like this...