Weekend Recap

Margs and Mint Skinnies

The weather on Saturday was absolutely beautiful. 75 degrees and not a cloud in sight = margaritas on the balcony and fun with friends.

And did you also notice that lovely little white watch on my wrist?!

If you've been following along with my blog you've probably seen a couple posts asking for watch advice. A few lovely followers gave me their opinion and I went with their advice and got this option from Michael Kors.

Yay for finally making a decision and a purchase!

Back to the weekend fun: here we are on the roof top. Another yay for mint skinnies. Love them!

Most of the besties from my sorority who now live in NYC

A slightly less dignified version of the above

Me dying laughing and covering my face

 Coincidentally, every single one of us had an MK watch on. So in true Middle School fashion...we took a picture. We're SO cool.

Looking rather lovely in the middle of some dance moves at the bar

Sunday was spent on the couch with not one but three Liftime movies because we were getting dumped on by the rain man. I love nothing more than a day filled with torrential down pouring rain because it means snuggling, food delivery and having an excuse to do absolutely nothing.

And I'd take a flood watch over a Nor'easter watch any day because this is what my parents woke up to in Upstate New York this morning.

Mother Nature is one crazy lady. Poor trees :(