Weekend Recap

Never Never Land

That's what I call Oneonta...or just college in general.

It's not real life.

College is like a little bubble where anything and everything goes. Life is mayhem, most people are irresponsible, you feel like a child, and you never want to grow up.

Going back to the bubble this past weekend was a blast. Coming back to real life...not so much.

Here's a little recap in pictures:

Rainbow of death - these aren't all mine don't worry

Most of the sorority

Me and my Pearl sister

Furry friend #1 of the weekend.

How precious

I'm a Barbie girl in a Barbie world

My Greek life family (my little sister, her big brother, my little brother, and my twin)
P.S. why didn't anyone pull my dress shirt down? Yikes.

Furry friend #2

Happiest girl in America with #3

And yet another random little bugger on the street...

Four out of ten girl from my pledge class

So to sum up my weekend: I played with puppies.

Cool Erin.

I really should just buy one already.

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend as well!