Twofer Tuesday

One: DIY

Last night around 11:45pm I got the urge to add something to this little corner of my room.

It wasn't a small urge either, it was an OCD I must put something here or I will never fall asleep demand. So I came up with an idea to make a little DIY project with things I already had lying around the apartment.

Whenever someone on my floor moves out/does some spring cleaning/de-hoards/etc. they always end up putting their junk by the trash shoot. And let me tell you...I've found some pretty neat finds in that corner.

"One mans junk is another mans treasure." Or I'm just gross and pick up people's trash, whatever.

Anyway I found this little frame last week (it is obviously ugly but I liked the blue-ish background) so I snatched it up. 

I've also had these cute little note cards for a while that I've always wanted to display somehow

So I cut off the back flaps that were just plain white and taped them all together to form a big enough rectangle to replace the watercolor print

Then mutilated my fingers taking apart the hideous piece of artwork

Put my pretty little note card art inside

And VOILA a little make-do excitement for my space. It's not exactly what I had in mind but it works for the time being, it didn't cost a cent, and I could actually go to sleep. Success.

Two: Wind 

The weather today is ridiculously windy. There's even those little squiggles replacing where the sun/clouds/rain drops would go in today's weather channel box that are supposed to indicate that it's windy. Thanks for the insight weatherman.

I seriously despise this form of mother nature.

I'm pretty sure my chromosomes got together and were like "Alright so first order of business in creating this chick, let's be sure to give her hair that will undoubtedly turn into a tornado on top of her head whenever there is even the slightest breeze outside." Kill me.

But that's not even the worst of it. I CRY when it's windy.

Not because I hate wind so much, but because my chromosomes also gave me the "eyes well up like a pregnant lady running out of her favorite pickles when it's windy" trait.

I seriously have to mop up the tears streaking down my face with my sleeve while walking to work. I'm pretty sure the millions of NY'ers that pass by during rush hour think I've lost it.

Does anyone else do this? It's kind of the same as having to look at the light when you feel a sneeze coming, or yawning as soon as you see someone else yawn.

I think it's some genetic thing that 1/4 of the population does or something. Of course I'm the freak that has all three quirks.

No surprise there folks.