Twofer Tuesday

One: Call Me Miss Mono

Kidding kidding, I don't really have mono but it sure does feel like it. I'm legitimately ALWAYS tired and I have no idea why. My sleep schedule gives me a solid eight hours every night and I haven't been eating too unhealthy but I still wake up exhausted every single morning.

The possible culprits:

1. I don't ever exercise
Reason one being that gyms in NYC cost a whopping $80+ a month.

Reason two being that it kills my scoliosis. Scratch that, the pounding/weight bearing activities kill me. Maybe I should try yoga or something less intense?

Reason three being that I'm honestly just straight up lazy. I'd much rather catch up on Real Housewives on my couch than exert energy after work.

2. I never drink coffee
Pick your jaw up off the ground, I'm 100% serious here. I just honestly despise the taste of coffee. My parents have never been coffee drinks and ingrained the idea of coffee smelling gross to me ever since I was little.

The only thing I drink is Coffee Coolattas from Dunkin Donuts (which is basicaly like sucking hapiness through a straw if you've never had one). But I feel like the 17 pounds of sugar they dump in the cup masks the coffee flavor so it kind of doesn't really count.

Maybe I would be a better functioning individual if I started drinking a cup of joe every morning? But I have no desire to get in that habit so I won't. 

Two: When Heaven Freezes Over 
 I was watching TV the other night and saw these suckers on a commercial. Actually I saw them whiz by on my DVR and actually stopped the thing to check these out.
They just looked plain delicious! And let me tell you, they definitely were.

I picked them up at the Duane Reade down the street from work last week and fell in love with my lunch. There are six rolls in a box and they come with a crisping tray for heating in the microwave. They actually do get crispy and they taste magnificent.

Yeah there's probably a ton of preservatives and sodium and what not in them but I'm not a health freak so 200 calories for three sticks of delish is fine by me!