Twofer Tuesday

One: Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Easter is just around the corner and this lady is excited! I get little kid giddy for just about every holiday and this one is no exception. I've been seeing pastels everywhere this spring and they are the perfect pinch of sweetness for Easter. So I put together -yet another- collage of some cute finds. Enjoy!

Top  -  Jeans  -  Clutch  -  Wedges  -  Ring  -  Nail Polish 

P.S. after googling pictures of bunny rabbits I now want one. More manageable than a puppy right? Lord help me... I really just can't resist snuggly little fur balls.

Two: Dogeared Jewelry

I have become obsessed with this line, more specifically their charms. Each of their pieces has a different meaning or saying behind it which makes them perfect for gifts. I love their charms so much because they are tiny little things that could be worn every day even with other necklaces. I think I've found a charm to match every important person in my life. YIKES because each charm is $30+ and I want them all. I think this may become my charm bracelet version of the Pandora bracelets.


Some of the necklaces with super sweet sayings