Trip to Washington DC

A Weekend in the Capitol

I went down for the weekend to visit my Bestest Bud on a Rose Kristen. She lives in a studio in Gallery Place/Chinatown with her boyfriend Duncan. My cousins also live just outside of DC and my parents were coming down to stay with them. So I got to see best friend/cousin/parentals all in one shot.

On Friday we did the whole touristy sightseeing thing which was rough because I continuously make fun of all the tourists that come to NYC. It really just gets annoying stopping every two feet for all the fannypackers taking pictures of random tall buildings while I'm just trying to get to work. So this weekend while visiting DC I tried my damned hardest to walk and snap pics at the same time. I've got my tourist etiquette down pat people.

Obviously had to take a shot of the monument. The sky makes it look rather eery.

Another shot of it with me and Kristen
World War II Memorial

MLK Jr. Memorial

Jefferson Memorial

Where all of the Cherry Blossoms are supposed to be. I was extremely sad that I missed them by a week. Global warming fail.

Flower Library - my absolute favorite part

A reenactment of my favorite throwback picture from prom Junior year

The prom picture from six (WHAT?) years ago. Time is flying

Air and Space Museum

The figures on the left represent the planets. Poor Pluto was covered up on the bottom :(

A really fun blue thing in the Hershhorn Art Museum

What it looked like walking through

I spent Friday night at my cousin's house in Loudon County and then went to her son's swim meet on Saturday. It was absolute mayhem watching them all warm up.

I took the metro all by myself that afternoon back into DC. Let me just say that the NYC subway system is to AP Calculus as the DC Metro is to Pre-Algebra. The thing only has 5 lines, a two year old could figure out how to get from Point A to Point B.

Washington DC Subway Map

New York City Subway Map - see what I mean?

We walked through Chinatown Saturday night before heading to Arlington to go out. I was amazed by the Friendship Archway in Chinatown. So pretty!

Another old friend from home got to meet up with us that night. We danced at Clarendon Ballroom and then got some awesome empenadas across the street before attempting to get home. NY's taxi system blows DC out of the water because no one seemed to want to take us back into the city at 2:00am.

I really loved Washington DC because it's cleaner, more modern, and cheaper than New York. I really hated it because the subways close down at night - strangest concept ever! I feel like it would be a great city to move to when I'm over the craziness of NYC yet still not ready for boring suburbia life.