Throwing It Back

An Entire Year Ago

Tomorrow I will be heading up to Oneonta for my sorority's Alumni Weekend so I thought I'd throw it back to last year's festivities.

To put it in the truest of forms, this weekend is a straight up sloptart fest...

and it's awesome.

Every sorority and fraternity plan their weekend at the same time, so I get to see just about everyone I knew from school. We have a happy hour, a pregame and a party on Friday. Then on Saturday we have an open bar with our brother frat.

Absolute mayhem.

This is why my liver must prepare. Don't get me wrong, I'm still alive and kickin' but my liver probably functions at a much slower pace because of my shenanigans at school.

How I managed to graduate in 2.5 years with a 3.75 GPA is beyond me.

Here are a couple pictures from last year.

Me, Tatum, and Vera (my dorm-mate for two years)

The lovely ladies of 314 MacDuff Hall

Me and my "Big Sister" who is now my apartment-mate