These Are My Confessions

I'm linking up with Leslie for the first time ever today and spilling my most philosophical/thought-provoking/educational/inspiring thoughts.

Here we go...

As I typed the title of this entry I did sing the Usher song. Out loud. At my desk. In my office.

Absolutely not a big deal.

I threw on a skirt and didn't wear a jacket this morning because the weather said 70 degrees. Apparently that's at 2:00pm and not at 8:45am. This lady's bare legs were not interested in playing with 49 degree weather.

Epic fail.

I got mad that the Rangers lost in OT last night even though I don't watch, like, or even understand hockey.

I guess I am a true NY'er.

In related New York sports news...I do have a legitimate reason to be completely PO'ed about the Giants being handed the toughest schedule in the ENTIRE league next season.

That's enough sports talk for one post.

I ate guacamole for dinner for the past two nights.


I got sad when the vegetable street vendor man selling the avocados for my beloved guacamole yelled at me for squeezing them to check for ripeness.

Am I a loon? Doesn't everyone do this?

I've become such a pro at eating Alpha-Bits that I've come to the realization that they make the 'D' letters the biggest ones.

Pointless factoid of the day right there.

If I could punch any group of individuals in the face it would be those that gather at soldiers' funerals to shout and carry signs protesting the war. I don't care if you disagree with war/violence/guns etc. but someones funeral is not a place for your idiotic form of freedom of speech.


If I could kiss any group of individuals it would be the workers and owners of The Frying Pan for opening early so I can be a happy camper sipping Coronas in my boat shoes on the Hudson River.

Happy hour is the happiest of hours.