Take Me There Tuesday

Cedar Point Amusement Park

For this week's Link Up I got the sudden urge to want to go on a roller coaster.

My family used to go to an amusement park just about every summer. We would pack up the pop-up and camp for the weekend at the park getting to experience all of the rides, junk food, and water slides our hearts desired.

For being the biggest baby EVER when it comes to scary movies, I am certainly not afraid of thrill rides. I live for these things. As long as I'm strapped in and can't fall out then I'm golden. The bigger, badder, faster, and taller the better.

And Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio is the best place in America, if not the world, for bigger, badder, faster, and taller.

Don't believe me? Well, it has won the award for "Best Amusement Park in the World" by Amusement Today for the last 14 years! That pretty much sums up how awesome this place is right there.

Its nickname is "America's Roller Coast" because it boasts a record breaking 17 coasters in its park. It has also broken a few records for having the tallest and fastest coasters in the world, records that ultimately get broken by some other Six Flags park.

Two of my absolute favorite rides are the Top Thrill Dragster and the Millennium Force.

Millennium Force
It has won countless awards for being the best steel coaster in the world since it was built in 2000 and I 100% agree.
The ride is smooth (I frankly can't stand the coasters that make your head jiggle between the padded head things) and it drops you down a steep slope of 300ft.

Top Thrill Dragster
Not for the weak at heart. This crazy adventure set the record in 2003 for being the fastest and tallest in the world.
Unlike most rides that casually hoist you up to the top and then let you fall...this one starts out from a resting position and shoots you straight up 420ft.
You launch from 0 to 120 mph in just 4 seconds!
They actually have a sign at the "launch pad" that tells you to keep your head back and arms down because the acceleration is so strong that it can cause injuries. Awesome!

Funny tidbit: The Dragster was actually having mechanical problems on the day that I first went on it.
In the morning during its test runs the actual cart wouldn't always make it all the way up over the "hump" so it would fall back down the huge slope backwards.
Yet I still went on it.

Have you ever been here?
If you never have I HIGHLY suggest making a trip out of it.
I really have no idea what else there would be to do in Sandusky, Ohio but who needs extra stimulation when you have all this?