Take Me There Tuesday


I'm linking up for a second time today and wishing I was going to yet another place other than my desk. Laura's new link up has me wanting to go back to the land of beautiful architecture, even more beautiful men, and gelato (which may make you less beautiful if you eat too much)...We're going to Italy!

Thanks to my soccer star Lil Broski I got to travel to both Italy and London back in High School with his traveling premier soccer team. My whole family went, including my Grama and Grampa.

His team also won the tournament. Let's just say the Italiano futbol players weren't too happy that the "soccer boys" beat them.

One of the soccer fields they played on was literally situated in a castle in Montalcino. Can you say amazing?

At that time I had already decided on majoring in Fashion so I was pretty thrilled about going to Milan, which is Italy's fashion capital.  
The Milan Cathedral looks like a castle out of a Disney Movie.

Florence was also absolutely breath taking. There is a bridge there called the Ponte Vecchio where lovers place a lock and throw the key into the Amo River signifying a life full of eternal love. How cute.

The architecture is also insane. El Duomo is one of the main tourist attractions in Florence. I won't bore you with a history lesson but it's a pretty astonishing story of how it was built.

The Statue of David

Lake Cuomo

Tuscany - where I told my mother I was marrying my future Italian husband

We mainly ventured around the northern part of the country so I still want to go back and visit Sicily, Rome and everywhere south. Even though we only got to see half of the country it was still one of the BEST trips of my life and I recommend everyone to visit at least once.

Trust me, it's worth it just for the gelato and attractive men!