Look of the Day


This place is completely hit or miss for me.
It's the strangest thing because I can find the cutest item ever and then to the right is some hideous frock suffocated by bedazzled flowers.
This is truly the only store that I could walk into with my Grama and both leave happy with solid purchases.
But anyway, I bought this fun dress on my lunch break yesterday.

I actually tried it on a while ago when it was full price but decided against purchasing it. Most likely because it was still 30 degrees out and I couldn't justify baring my pasty limbs for the world to see.

But yesterday I walked in and snagged the last size 00P on the rack for half price.

Since when do small sizes ever stay in stores for longer than a month?! Maybe this indicates that the majority of the population doesn't find this little number as appealing as I do...oh well.

I also decided to snap a quick pic of my actual attire for the day, which coincidentally, was mostly from LOFT as well. 

Chambray: Forever 21, Striped Cardigan: LOFT, Corduroys: LOFT

Awkward hand holding iPhone: Yours truly