Look of the Day

Pink Blazer

So I'm obviously not an amazing photographer, I'm 100% the most awkward person in front of a camera, and the iPhone lens isn't all it's cracked up to be SO please bare with me on my lack of picture taking skills. 

Anyway...this is my work outfit for the day. I had been searching high and low for a bright pink blazer and I finally got my hands on one at H&M.

Oh how I love this store. Their clothing is cut pretty small which is wonderful because that means I can fit in it!

What's awesome about this outfit is that it is easily going to change into my going out attire once I get to Oneonta for Alumni Weekend.

Here's how:
The lace "top" is actually a dress. It's a skimpy little thing so it's shorter than my skirt and you can't even see it. So I will be taking my work appropriate tan skirt (also H&M) off and showing a little leg this evening.

And that chain necklace?

Yeah...that's actually the strap to my cross body shoulder bag that will house my 12 year old ID, lip gloss, and iPhone tonight.

I just unclasped the clasps that attach it to the bag, hooked the clasps together and voila you have yourself a necklace.

Sorry, no voodoo magic for these babies - they're just super comfy and classic so I thought I'd share.

If you're in need of some wedges these are great! I walked ten minutes to work in them and have been running around all day without a complaint.

Trust me, I complain A LOT.

Oh and they're also from (you guessed it) H&M. They should sponsor me or something.

And finally, this bracelet is actually a belt. I just wrapped it around my wrist several times and buckled it.

It will go around my waist after I strip the blazer and skirt.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!
P.S. please pray for my liver