It's Okay Thursday

Today it's Okay That...

I'm going to my first Yanks game of the season this Sunday with nine girly friends. It's going to be one epic Sunday Funday.

Babes, beers, and balls. What a winning combination.

I wish my Pinterest was private so that my friends wouldn't see my life planned out before I actually live it.

First world problems...

I made sloppy joes for dinner last night but put the meat in hard taco shells instead of buns because of that whole "I don't like bready/doughy things" issue I have.

No shame.

I have been waking up two or more times to pee every single night.

I am not pregnant nor am I 86 years old. What gives?

My scoliosis curve percentage has decreased from 25 to 16% in the past five years.

Does this mean that I complain about back pain 9% less of the time too? Absolutely not.

When interviewing potential interns for our company I ask all of them who their favorite MLB/NFL teams are.

It is hands down the most important question asked.

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