It's Okay Thursday

Today It's OK That...

1. I went to happy hour last night and also will tonight in order to prepare my liver for the mayhem that will ensue at my sorority's alumni weekend.
I'm a thinker

2. I really want to purchase a deep fryer so I can make zucchini sticks.

3. I finally purchased mint skinnies and a hot pink blazer.
Shopping success

4. Some lunatic sent a "novelty" grenade to one of the World Financial buildings downtown.

5. J.K. Rowling is coming out with a new novel.
Team Harry Potter forever

6. I really miss my Sunday "eat Chinese food/snuggle on the couch/watch wedding shows" ritual because this is the third weekend in a row that I'll be traveling.
MSG withdrawals

7. My allergies make me want to whack myself in the head with a metal baseball bat.
The nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, stuffed up, worst sleep I've ever had with this nose allergy season

8. Tomorrow is FRIDAY and I'm skipping out of the office two hours early.

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