It's Okay Thursday

Another Link Up

I'm linking up to Neely for "It's OK Thursday"

So it's OK...

1. That I'm trying to justify spending over a grand for a new MacBook even though my five year old Dell still somewhat works.

2. That I'm taking a half day tomorrow as well as on Monday for a long Easter weekend at home with my family.

3. That I consume an entire box of Alphabits cereal in a five day work week...every week.

4. That my allergies are back with a vengeance because pseudoephedrine is kicking them in the butt like a champ.

5. That I want to punch people in the face when I hear them chewing.

6. That I may or may not wait my entire life to date Carlene's younger brother on the show GCB. Can you say gorgeous?

7. That I often search for puppies to buy even though I cannot buy one.

8. That my tan isn't as evenly smooth because I now choose spraying over baking.

9. That I would rather risk my life walking in the street to avoid a cloud of cigarette smoke on the sidewalk than risk my life by walking through it.

10. That I could listen to "Some Nights" and "We Are Young" by Fun. on repeat all day.

11. That I daydream about quitting my job so I can move to the beach on a regular basis.

12. That I complain daily about my back hurting from scoliosis.

13. That I know the names of more dogs that live in my building than people.

{And I shall end with something that is completely, utterly, 100%, hands down NOT ok}

14. Passing a homeless man on the street who is wearing pajama bottoms with several large holes (one of them being in the pee-hole flap area , without any boxers underneath) and getting to see his junk flappin' and flailing making appearances out of the hole.