A Good Find

So yesterday Jessica shared a post about this company and I love/hate her for doing so.

Love her for intoducing me to a site filled to the brim with the most scrumptious clothing ever. Hate her for making me want to buy every single fun and frilly item.

Run credit card - RUN!

But seriously, check out these awesome finds.

Ruffles and Rust Party Dress

Mint Fields Dress

Wish Spell Dress in Peony

Born on the Bayou Dress

Traveler Crochet Shorts in Mint

Chevron Sunrise Dress

Spun Gold Necklace

I may or may not love all of these pieces solely for their cute little names. I'm also getting dangerously close to purchasing that first party dress to wear on my birthday.

Wish isn't until July 3rd...


Click this link to head over to their website, I promise you'll fall in love too.