Fun Photo Friday

For today's Link Up I would love to jump back into this day.

Sippin' sangria in Little Italy.

Last summer I would hop on the 6 train and head down here to fill my belly with pasta, poison my liver with way too much vino, and soak in the sunshine.

Once you get passed the horribly awful area of Chinatown (don't even get me started on this place - I literally have to hold my breath in fear of screaming at the mass amount of chaos going on near Canal St. - this place probably comes in 2nd to Times Square in the "Avoid at ALL Costs Areas") you'll make your way into the beauty of Little Italy.

Don't get me wrong it definitely has its fair share of tourists stopping to add a balloon animal hat to their collection of souvenirs but the ravioli, canolis and wine totally make up for it.

On my adventures I would only go to one specific restaurant called Buona Notte because of this man below.

He looks like a creep right?

Well that's because he is. And he was my most favoritest creep ever.

He would bring out bottle after bottle after bottle of wine for me and the girls.

 He would concoct crazy Italian dishes for us that weren't even on the menu.

He would let us sit on the patio way after closing time.

He would bring us more wine.

And then some more.

And to top it all off - I never paid a dime.


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