Easter Weekend

Peeps and Puppies

That's what my weekend mainly consisted of. Add in some eggs, family, friends, and a couple bars and I had myself an awesome weekend at home.

I left work early last Friday because it takes me a whole five dreadful hours on the bus to get back home. Worst. There is no greater anxiety than waiting in your cozy two seater all by your lonesome hoping to goodness that no one asks to sit next to you.
P.S. someone ALWAYS sits next to you.

I got home around 7 and headed straight to Target where I ended up finding an absolutely gorgeous chiffon pleated maxi dress in a bright semi-neon looking coral color.
Can't wait to wear it!

I then headed to my friend Caitlyn's birthday dinner booze fest. We ended up having champagne, sangria, margaritas, beer, and shots. Rough is an understatement for the next morning. Let's just say I ended up standing in front of this in Wal Mart.

I then quickly remembered why I do not step foot in Wal Marts...

After napping for a solid two hours on Saturday I ended up playing with Leah and Dutch for the majority of the entire day.

I gave them both baths

We snuggled

Leah did tricks because she's super smart
(nine bones on her head, four in her mouth)

And then the next day it was EASTER!

My family has a ton of strange traditions and on Easter it's the Peeps Race. Everyone has to make a "boat" out of recycled materials (milk jugs, styrofoam, plastic eggs, duct tape, soda cans, frisbees, etc.) The boat must hold a captain "the peep" and he must be able to fall overboard if you pull a Titanic. They also cannot be propelled in any way.

This year's boat entries

We then head down to the creek behind my house and race against each other.

I ended up winning my heat but lost in the finals to my mom who also won the coveted "Top Clucker" peeps tee.

Then it's on to EGG WARS. Everyone gets an egg and partners up. You then count to three and smash the ends into each other. Whoever has the smashed egg loses.

We finally got to eat tons of yummy food including the famous Pinterest peep sunflower cake.

I harassed the dogs some more - because that's what you do when you love something a lot?

Gave Leah some bunny ears

Took away Dutch's - he was pretty confused about it

I then finished off my weekend with the girls in my hot tub drinking wine.

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend too!