The Culprit of my Monday Depression

Bachelor-less Mondays

I figured out why Mondays have been so absolutely dreadful for me lately...

I can't get my weekly dosage of the BEST/WORST show ever created - The Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad.

I seriously love this show. My excitement every Monday evening for the latest cat fight is beyond embarassing. I've watched every single episode of every season - and this show has been on for ten years. How sickening am I?

I posted about Ben's season finale here if you are at all interested on my view of his hair or his fiance.

Are you a crazy addict to this show too?

Do you miss Chris Harrison's never aging face telling us there's only one rose left even though we all have eyes and can see that there truly is only one?

Well fear not my friends - we only have four weeks left until it's back

Emily Maynard returns on May 14th to make us all want southern accents and drop dead gorgeous looks to punch her in the face for being so put together and perfect.

I'm somewhat nervous that this season will be a complete and utter bore just because she really has no personality. I'm hoping for a bleeped out F bomb or skinny dipping session in Australia just to completely mess with America's squeaky clean perception of her.

What do you think of Emily? Or just The Bachelor in general?