Bronx Bombers

Happy Yankees Home Opener!

Back to the days of...
Spending a good portion of your paycheck on Victoria's Secret MLB gear.

Being packed like a sardine on northbound 4 trains.

Sneaking out of the office early to pregame for a 7:00 game.

Spending $12 on a beer the size of a sippy cup.

The top rack of your dishwasher being invaded by NYY plastic beer cups.

The start of disowning your Boston fan friends until October.

Being forced to hear about ARod's sex life.

Ignoring the guys hitting on you at bars because your eyes are glued to the game.

Wanting to marry Derek Jeter.

Wanting to marry his ex-girlfriend Minka Kelly.

Ingesting 4X my daily caloric intake with one order of Garlic Cheese Fries

Being proud to be a NY'er.

Here's to #28 fellow Yanks fans!