Twofer Tuesday

One: Happy Spring

Today is the first official day of spring even though it feels like the first day of summer with the weather we've been having lately. Either way I'm welcoming it with open arms because warm weather means walks in Central Park, baseball games, and rooftop happy hours.
Super cute alternative to your average door wreathe
Super sweet spring swing

A little fun on the whiteboard at work

Two: Bring on the Frying Pan
Speaking of happy hours, this is one of the most fun and unique places for warm weather drinking. The Frying Pan is an old lighsthip boat docked at Pier 66 on the Hudson River. From 1930 - 1965 she guarded the "Frying Pan Shoals" off of North Carolina and that's where she received her name. She was later abadonned for ten years, sunk underwater for three and then repaired so that she could sail to Manhattan.

Let's just say all of us New Yorkers are pretty thankful that she made her journey here because she's now a bar and restaurant - perfect for Thirsty Thursday happy hours and Sunday Fundays. It usually opens on May 1st but they have decided to open early this year since it has been so nice. One positive of global warming?

The Boat

The least crowded I've ever seen it

View from land

Roomies at the Frying Pan last spring