Twofer Tuesday

One: Spring has started springing

The high is 72 today, can you say AH-may-zing? I sure can. I whipped out the Sperry's, didn't wear a coat, and stopped to smell the flowers.

Sperry Topsider "Montauk" Leather Slip-Ons

I obviously don't believe in the no white after Labor Day/before Memorial Day rule

Two: The Bachelor Finale

The Game: 
Bachelor Season #247, kidding it’s only the 16th (not including seven seasons of The Bachelorette and two Bachelor Pads)

The Players: 
Lindzi, The Princess Who Rode in on a Horse vs. Courtney, The Black Widow Spider.

The Results:  
Courtney for the win. I wasted three hours of my life watching this obvious outcome play out. 

The Moral of the Story: 
It’s not only the nice guys who finish last; nice girls do too. We’ve watched it time and time again: Tenley losing to Vienna on Jake’s season, the gorgeous guy at the bar picking the mysteriously seductive “bitch” instead of your sweet little ole self, Brad divorcing Jen for Angie, and the list goes on.

My thoughts:   
  1. Courtney is disgustingly and painstakingly beautiful (except for her lips…what goes on there?). 
  2. Courtney is a brat straight up bitch (we all know this). 
  3. Courtney is not fake (stop cringing for a second; you know it’s true). Sure she was malicious to just about every poor sole in that house, but the girl can’t fake being that genuine and kind to Ben for an entire season. Especially if she’s still sobbing on the couch telling him through non-existent, yet still awkward lips that she wants to be with him. 
  4. I don’t understand why the girls don’t blame the cameras for more of their outrageous behavior; I certainly would. Who knows what the heck you’d turn into as soon as a producer handed you an unlimited supply of champagne and then stuck a dorky cameraman in your face to probe you on the other girls. I’d probably crack some witty “jokes” to make America laugh with at me too. Scratch that; I’d probably be the most awkward individual to ever grace that show. Scratch that; Jamie’s make-out lesson takes that prize. Alright, I promise I’m done saying “scratch that”. 
  5. All in all, I think the show would have been a complete and utter bore without her. I caught myself laughing at her, feeling bad for her, despising her, and loving her. All that emotion for one chick? She was a casting miracle. I truly do hope that they work out, not just for the sake of their happiness or for Bachelor successful couple ratings, but maybe – just maybe – so that she’ll shave his hair off in the middle of his sleep since she never got to shave Emily’s eyebrows.

There, another twenty minutes of my life wasted on The Bachelor - and I still love every minute of it.