Twofer Tuesday

ONE: A Cupcake ATM
Yes, you read that correctly, a cupcake ATM is coming to NYC! This has to be the most exciting invention since sliced bread. Kidding kidding, my iPhone takes the cake (no pun intended) on that one. 

Anyway, Sprinkles, a Beverly Hills bakery has decided to install custom-built gadgets that will dispense boxed cupcakes during their non-open hours. Candace Nelson, the founder and owner of Sprinkles, came up with the idea while she was pregnant after wanting a sweet treat in the middle of the night. 

The first ATM opens today at its flagship store in California, but three more dispensers are set for summer release dates here in New York. You will definitely find me buying a $4 box of deliciousness from one of these soon.



Whether you call it Good Christian Bitches, Good Christian Belles, or GCB – this show is great. Now that we only have six (insert a shed tear here) episodes left of Desperate Housewives it is definitely time to find a replacement series. GCB fits the bill so far.

My favorite characters from the Pilot:
Leslie Bibb aka Amanda Vaughn aka the absolutely stunning protagonist of the series. I guess I can replace Eva Longoria with her as my new TV girl crush. 

Kristen Chenoweth aka Carlene Cockburn aka Amanda’s archenemy. She is a pint-sized, six inch stiletto-wearing little princess. 

Annie Potts aka Gigi Stopper aka Amanda’s sharp-tongued and hilarious mother. Love her.

There you have it, my two completely random and unrelated ramblings of the day.