Quirky Qualities

Quirks Continued

It turns out that I really am a strange individual and loved that quirky qualities post. So I figured I'd post a couple pictures of my physical weirdness.

One: my eyeball
I've gotten comments like "It looks like a pie chart.", "Are you an alien?", "Can you see out of it?", etc. I mentioned this in my last POST but it's hard to see the color difference in the picture so I decided to take a couple of really close up images. Through this, I also learned that the "hazel" part of my eye actually changes colors depending on the day. 

Two days ago it looked like this (definitely hazel)

This morning it looked like this (ridiculously green)
I also learned that Sephora (Pic #1) mascara really does make my eyelashes look longer than CoverGirl (Pic #2).

Two: butt/back dimples
I think these are relatively normal compared to a pie chart eye ball but some people still question mine. I recently found out that they are called "Dimples of Venus" and are directly related to the sacroiliac joints (huh)?

I obviously don't have too many pictures of my back side but they are somewhat noticeable in this shot

Three: my horrible spine
You know all those times that the doctor made you bend over in front of them so they could check your spine, well it's for good reason. I checked out fine every year until my 17 year old check up - that's when my doctor told me I had Scoliosis. I was an extremely late bloomer (my 22.5 year old self has wisdom teeth at the stage of a 17 year old's) but anyway that is the reasoning behind the late development of this awful spine issue.

This is my x-ray from five years ago - I just might be an alien after all...

 My back has had me complaining like a Grama lately so I'm making an appointment to go see an orthopedic doctor today. Hopefully it hasn't gotten worse!

Four: I'm really uneven
And this is probably because of the above issue. My left leg is longer than my right, and my feet flop differently. What the hell does that mean you ask? Well, if I sit flat on the floor with my legs extended and let my feet "flop" down, the left stays up straighter and the right falls to the floor. Maybe this is normal? I urge you to go try it and let me know haha.

Holding my feet up

Letting them freely flop

If you have continued reading up to this point, bravo, this was the most pointless post I've ever written.
Do you have any physical body weirdness going on?