Photo A Day Fail

I Quit
 I have decided to stop doing the #MarchPhotoADay challenge because, well, it really was a challenge for me. Why would anyone care to see some random picture of "red" that carries no meaning anyway. Instead, I have decided to post some random iPhone/Instagram pictures of what's going on in my crazy little life.

My lil Broski sent me this newest picture of Dutch entitled "I think I'm too drunk to drive". If you haven't met this adorable little munchkin yet you can HERE. Please notice that he is propped up at the local bar with a beer and a car key. 
DISCLAIMER: no animal was harmed (or given alcohol) in the taking of this picture 

My roomie and I went out for a sexy dinner date last night at Outback Steakhouse because their LOB AND STEAK special is back! Praise the heavens above. This whole meal normally costs $15 but with their "$10 off any two entrees" coupon the total cost for it came out to 10 bucks each. I can barely buy a box of cereal and a gallon of milk in NYC at that price, let alone a lobster and steak dinner. Check out the awesome coupon HERE

Spotted some pretty daffodils leading up the steps to Bryant Park
Check out the size of this thing! Hormones apparently give you a handful of heaven?

Happy Thursday everyone!