The Not So Important Very Important Things

Quirky Qualities

 I just recently started following a fellow Erin on Blogger. She is absolutely hilarious and recently posted a LINK UP about some of her more stranger qualities. This one's right up my alley since I have a slight (personally diagnosed) case of OCD and consider myself to have a few hundreds of these strange quirks.

Here are just a few...
1.       I cannot hang my limbs off the ends of the bed. They WILL get bitten off.
2.   I was voted “Best Eyes” in High School because I have some super long spider leg eyelashes and a birth mark in my left eye. My iris is 2/3 hazel and 1/3 brown. People I’ve known all my life will be talking to me and all of a sudden say “WHOA! What happened to your eye?!” Yet it has been there ever since it started growing when I was little. You can kind of see it in MY left eye in this picture.

3.    I only use shampoo on the roots of my hair and conditioner on the ends.

4.     Whenever I receive any notification on my iPhone I have to open it and close it just to make the red notification dot disappear. I don’t have to read the email/text, listen to the voicemail, or check the sports update – I just have to get rid of the damn red dot.

5.     I always count how many pages I have left to read in a chapter even if I love the book.

6.       I refuse to watch scary movies and haven’t seen a single one since The Ring came out when I was 13. Samara haunted me and ruined my life for a good three years after climbing out of that well. I slept on the top bunk of my (younger) brother’s bunk bed for a solid year after seeing that horrible movie. I have no shame in being a scaredy cat.

7.       When eating a meal that has a protein, carb, and veggie I will always put a portion of all three onto my fork before eating. Trust me - the sections don’t taste nearly as good separated.

8.       I cannot leave my armpits in a vulnerable position when sleeping. Someone could tickle them. My arms must be down by my sides.

9.       I have to leave the room when people chew with their mouths open in fear that I may snap at them for snapping their gums.

10.   I refused to wear any type of pants (except leggings with stirrups) until the age of eight.

11.   I don’t like bready/doughy/flowery food products and I haven’t since I was little. Instead of a sandwich my Mom would pack turkey cold cuts in a zip-lock baggy for lunch, I only eat pizza if it's super thin crust and even then I’ll only eat a few bites, I cut my burgers with a fork and knife because I don’t like buns, and I don't really enjoyed cakes, pastries, muffins, donuts, strudels, pies, etc.

Now that I look like I need a straight jacket I'll leave you with this: