Color Crush - White

White Wash

Among the land of neutrals I'd have to say white wins the color war (even if it isn't technically a color). Ask me this question tomorrow and I'd say "Duh, black, I am a New Yorker after all". Ask me next Tuesday and I'd say gray of course - it's my last name.

But for today's "Monday Montage" I'm all about the whites. So many people tend to shy away from this classy color because , let's face it, we're all slobs at times. Hence the famous Sex and The City quote:

  "I will never be the woman with the perfect hair, who can wear white and not spill on it." -Carrie Bradshaw

But it never hurt to try right? A rule for wearing white every day life: Just remember to act a little more Kate Middleton and a little less Snooki. That'll keep your whites dignity in tact. Check out some fabulous white finds below and have a great Monday!

Kate Spade - keep your ball point pens away from this beauty

 Topshop Biker Jacket - edgy yet chic

Perfect find for my luggage side table I have yet to create

My most recent obsession - hobnail milk glass

Tory Burch Lucite Cuff

Ray-Ban Original Wayfarers

Summery, simple and cheap cut-outs from Old Navy