March Photo Challenge
 So I'm a couple few days behind on this but better late than never right.

 A lot of bloggers were doing this last month, but I only started blogging at the very end of February so I missed out. I hadn't seen one for this month until I stumbled upon Sunkissed & Southern where Lia (another blogger) is participating.

I feel like it may be too hard for me to come up with a brand new picture every day so I might sneak a few old ones in. Don't hate me! 
Day #1: UP  
Wearing coral and drinking sangria; my mood is definitely UP

Day #2: FRUIT
Strawberries and blueberries; two of my favorites

 I pass the Empire State Building on my walk home from work every evening

This one isn't mine but this is what I would love to have
Day #5: A SMILE
 I was 18 and it was the first summer after I got my braces off
Day #6: 5PM
Spelling out my current mood at work with my Alphabits