Happy Almost "Erin Forever" Day

Erin Go Bragh

Everyone says this on St. Patrick's Day because it means "Ireland Forever" but since that's my name the saying goes "Erin Forever". It has been that way since I found out what the saying meant years and years ago from this little animal below.

 Her name is Erin and at the age of seven I was pretty pumped to have one of my all-time favorite toys share my name.
 But anyway, tomorrow is one of favorite holidays (I say this at every holiday). I couldn't even sleep this morning because I'm so excited that it's finally here. Hooray for green eggs and beers! Since I will be out frolicking through NYC in my shamrock suspenders tomorrow I am posting lots of green today.

These are my insanely awesome shamrock suspenders for tomorrow, don't judge

What we're drinking today at work. Shamrock Shakes, yum!

A collection of random but fun green items I put together

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone - don't get pinched!