First Ever Blog Survey

And The Survey Says...

I stumbled on a fun little survey over on Makenzie's blog and decided to try it out.
Favorite Color
I must admit that I'm a neutrals girl. I love my blacks, whites, and greys but those aren't technically colors, or very fun for that matter. So, if we're going with real bold colors I'd have to say periwinkle, coral and turquoise.

Favorite Number
3! I was born on the 3rd of July, it was my number when I played humiliated myself in every sport since t-ball, my first AIM scree name was TinkyTerin03, it's in my passwords, it's little and cute, etc.
Favorite Non-alcoholic Drink
Hands down - WATER. The Brita usually sits on our coffee table because my roomates and I drink so much of it. It seriously is the only non-alcoholic thing I drink. I've never liked soda and I hate coffee.
 I admit that I will randomly enjoy Tropicana Orange Peach Mango juice (but I swear it's mainly because there's a straw), and I down Gatorade (only yellow or purple) on some "special" Saturday and/or Sunday mornings. Electrolytes people!

Facebook or Twitter
I hardly post much on Facebook since Twitter took over, so I'd probably go with Twitter. Facebook is more for monumental happenings - Example: "The Giants are Super Bowl champs!!! I'm the happiest girl in the whole wide world! Must suck to suck Patriots fans".
Twitter is more for random, why would anyone care about this, happenings - Example: "I have an obsession with Alpha-Bits #signsofatwelveyearold". You get my drift?

My passion
Many, many, many people find this so entirely lame but I think my passion is to be a great momma. I definitely don't have any little munchkins coming in the near future but I can't wait for the day that I do. There are also too many cutey patootie baby momma blogs and Pinterest pins to fuel the fire. How can you resist?

My not so generically lame passion is to be able to utilize my creativity. My dream job is to be some sort of event planner, magazine layout editor, or just be able to make DIY crafts and decorate a home. If only that could pay my over-priced NYC apartment rent bill.

Favorite Animal
 Ever since leaving for college (and leaving my dog) it has been puppies. I really REALLY really want one. But growing up it was always the platypus. Random, I know, but it's because my mom gave me Patty the Platypus - the TY Beanie Baby - when I was five. Let me just say that this was WAY before any of my friends had a beanie baby. On "Take Your Teddy Bear to School Day" I was the only kid without a big fluffy bear; instead I brought Patty. Soon after, everyone had not one, but hundreds, of Beanie Babies. I do wholeheartedly believe that I started the Beanie Baby fad in my home town. Applause is necessary, thanks :)

Getting or Receiving Presents
 If anyone tells you they don't like receiving presents - they're lying. Although buying presents for people is stressful to me. I always seem to find things that the person will love six months before their birthday/Christmas and never when I actually need them. I'd much rather say screw the presents let's go do something together instead.
Favorite Flower
 Oh well this is just tough. I love calla-lilies, hydrangea, peonies, and tulips. Roses are too played-out. Lord help my future husband, I'm going to have an expensive flower bill.

If you haven't noticed by now, I'm extremely fickle and cannot seem to give one solid answer to many of life's questions...