My Crazy Little Life

A run down of my crazy life for the next six weeks:

March 3rd: LepreCon
This is a fun beer filled day which basically resembles St. Patrick's Day. Hoboken, NJ usually holds a St. Patrick's Day Parade on the first Saturday of March but the Mayor decided to cancel it due to the mass amount of drunken idiots that pee in public and wreck public property. So instead some GENIUS created the 1st ever LepreCon which is much like the largely popular SantaCon.


All of March: Big East Tournament/March Madness
To back track, I have three favorite sports teams. Yes girly girls can like (and understand) sports. The Yankees, The NY Giants, and Syracuse Basketball Orangemen own a small piece of my heart. Anyway the Big East Tournament begins next week and March Madness begins after that. So you'll find me at the local sports bar decked out in Orange screaming at the TV with my fellow 'Cuse loving roomie.

March 17th: St. Patrick's Day
This is pretty much a continuation of LepreCon except I will be with millions of NY'ers decked out in GREEN instead of in Jersey. My name is Erin so I will always joke about it being "Erin Forever" day which is what Erin Go Bragh translates to. Pinch me I'm Irish.

March 23rd: Hunger Games
This has been my favorite series since Harry Potter left my life. Katniss is the most annoying and indecisive girl ever but I was on my toes the entire time and CAN NOT wait for the movie to come out. I hope Prim and Rue are as adorable in the movie as in the books. I may one day name my daughter after them. They were that cute.

March 30th: Trip to Washington D.C.
Finally visiting one of my bestest friends ever in D.C. Her name is Kristen and she's been my Bestest Bud on a Rose since about 4th grade. Can't wait to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom too!

April 8th: Easter
I'll be heading home for my family's annual Peep's Race. My family is nuts. Glad I got that out of the way. We all build boats out of recyclables and put a Marshmallow Peep inside and race them down the river. It is a very prestigious and competitive race.

April 13th: Alumni Weekend with AKPhi
I went to school at SUNY Oneonta and found the sisters I never had in Alpha Kappa Phi. Alumni Weekend is one of the craziest weekends in Oneonta. So crazy that I might need to take the next Monday off to recover, but we'll see how well I hold up. 

Last but especially not least: Yankees Home Opener
Spring time, beers, and baseball; it doesn't get any better. That is until it turns to fall, cardigan, and football weather. But hey one thing at a time.

That, my friends, is the next six weeks of my life. I'm exhausted just thinking about it, but boy is it going to be a good time.