Nursery Progress

I'm not quite sure what I'm more excited about, getting to meet my daughter or getting to decorate her room. I kid I kid, but I really am over the moon ecstatic about nursery ideas. So much so that I was awake from 3-5am this morning going over everything I want to get done in my head. 

It was either that keeping me up or the ongoing internal debate of my two current name front runners, but who's keep tracking here...

Back to nursery shenanigans. We have a crib, a chair, a rug, and a unicorn head wall mount. Progress, my friends, progress. The only other "big" items I need are a side table to go next to the chair and the dresser/changing table. That's about all that will fit in the tiny room and quite frankly, all she really needs.

There's a really crappy "before" picture for you haha. I decided against getting a glider because A) they cost more than a ripe kidney and B) we don't have room for my favorite tufted chair in the living room anymore now that we moved the new sofa and love seat in and I'm too in love with it to sell it or store it. So I decided moving it in there would be good enough.

Her crib is the Munire Chesapeake Full Panel in light gray. On their site it's over $600 which is just crazytown to me, and it's on Amazon for $480, but my amazing Dad ended up snagging it through his side job/hobby connections for just 60 bucks!

I'm in love with it. I did end up giving it a quick extra coat of light gray paint because the original was more of a stain and you could see the wood grain streaks through it. It was fine as is but I wanted the uniformly opaque painted look so I opted for that and now it's also a bit lighter than the stock photo's coloring.

As for the rug, I went with the Faux Sheepskin from Home Decorators in 5x8 and bought it during their 20% off + free shipping deal a week or so ago. It ended up being quite the steal, especially since the faux quality is really nice. I think Trevor's descriptor word was something along the lines of "disgusting" but what does he know.

And speaking of that Trevor guy... he decided to surprise me with his contribution to the nursery yesterday while I was at work. We currently have about ten year old carpet in all the bedrooms in our house. It was my grandparents' house before so they really kept everything nice and tidy, but still, ten year old carpet is still ten year old carpet no matter how you walk on it. And since Trev lays and refinishes hardwoods we talked about ripping out the old junk and putting in some flooring. But we ultimately came to the decision Sunday night that we'd rather spend money elsewhere since this most certainly isn't our forever home.

That is until I walked in the door to this yesterday afternoon...

Which means he decided sometime between 8pm on Sunday and noon on Monday that he was tearing up the carpet and putting in hardwoods. Which almost meant that I was Pinteresting wood patterns and floor stains for the rest of the evening because he told me to pick out whatever I want and we'll do it. I'm so excited and I have no idea what to do!

But I think that's enough nursery talk for one day. There will definitely be plentyyy more of wherever this all came from so stay tuned.