New Home: Decor Snippets

So it's been almost a month since my last update on paint colors. And boy have we come a long way since then! I'm pretty positive my right hand is going to just give out and die on me at this point. Paint brush holding is no joke and I wake up every morning feeling like an 80 year old with arthritis, but I am now officially 95% done with all things paint. And all things home decor, as well. 

But while I get some before and after posts together (I feel like I've said this before...) and squeak out that remaining 5%, I figured I'd find a place for all the random photos of decor I've been posting on Instagram lately. If you follow me there this is going to be rather boring, but since I've promised myself to keep the blog updated on this whole process, here we are. Plus, it's fun to see it all come to life in one long scroll of the mouse so hang with me because you'll get a bit more info and product sources on some things.

There are plenty of other corners and walls that I haven't shared yet but here's what I've gotten around to snapshotting quickly with my measly little iPhone so far. My apologies for the crap quality photography. I swear they don't look as bad in little Instagram squares as they do all big and (non)shiny here in Bloglandia. Whoops! 

And I digress...

This is easily my most favorite wall in the whole darn place. I mean, who can resist a puppy in sunglasses?! He'll have to do until Trev finally caves and buys me a real one. But seriously, do you have a wall or a shelf or a corner in your home that just makes you smile when you walk by it? Well this is mine. The shelf was a $20 Hobby Lobby find and so was that puppy print. Add in some other little decorative knickknacks and we're in business.

I feel like it's a right of passage into adulthood to buy yourself an upholstered headboard. So welcome, adulthood, to my life. I'm glad you've finally arrived. I ended up getting the Luna headboard from Wayfair and am completely in love. Almost as in love as I still am with my Alvine Kvist duvet from Ikea that you also see. I swear I'm never going to grow out of my love affair with that damn thing. I just keep purchasing new ones whenever the old gets dirty. No shame in that $35 game.

This just makes me want to head straight home to snuggle. That ridiculously soft and perfectly fluffy blanket is 99% of the reason why. Run straight to your online shopping cart and click buy on that baby, you won't regret it.

The pillows come in at a close second. Everyone always asks me where I get my throw pillows and my secret is always H&M. Their home section is my heaven and I've bought at least ten different throw (or cushion as they call them) covers from them over the past month. You can find these jacquard weave ones you see in the photo here. I also bought these and love how expensive they look without actually being so. I can't get enough!

The little baby cactus is from IKEA, the gold sphere is TJ Maxx and the lamp base and shade are both Target finds.

This beauty right here is something I've wanted for quite some time now. She needs a name, she's that pretty. And I guess I wasn't the only one who thought so since she's now sold out. The leather version is still available here though so go check it out and keep checking back in because they're always restocking.

There's a funny little story about this $15 galvanized IKEA shelf. That story being A) not at all funny and B) not really a story since it basically only involved my best friend telling me I was 104% nuts for wanting to buy it. "That thing is a piece of crap, Erin." and "It's just a boring metal shelf you'd stick in your garage, you weirdo." But oh no, I had a vision. Because all anything needs is a little styling and some pretty friends to join its company and you can transform the whole world into something swoon worthy.

And when that best friend walked into my place and took one look at this measly metal garage shelf, she said "You certainly proved me wrong." Thank you, thank you very much.

Guys, this picture is so grainy and blow out from me brightening it so you can actually see it and I'm so sorry about it. But I just love that little whale so much and couldn't wait for the perfect lighting and a tripod/DSLR setup to take a better one to show you him. Something about me and impatience going hand in hand or something? Idk. But we'll live right? Right. My phone also makes it look like I painted the walls of my guest room a baby blue, but alas, I did not. They're way darker and they're a dusty blue-ish grey (Sherwin Williams Blue Mountaintop) and they're just perfect.

Carrying on with the grainy photo trend... This is the only picture I've taken of the master bath so far. Revealing isn't it? I think the only thing I'm showing you here is that I have a severe addiction to the fake and non-fake little babe plants from IKEA in their white planters. I have one in at least every room and I have no shame in it.

See, there's another little babe snuck in right here too. Along with my beloved gold lanterns from Target that every single mid-twenty something basic girl snagged off the shelves along with me last year. That clock is from TJ Maxx and I have yet to put batteries in it to make it work. I'm deathly afraid of it making ticking sounds. Trev put batteries in one of his clocks after two months of it not working and I took them out precisely two days later. They're as unbearable as hangnails, let me tell you.

But that, my friends, wraps up my quick little home tour of decor snippets. I promise to take some better quality photos and show you some more walls and some before and afters. It may take me another whole month, but I swear I'll do it!