Maternity Photos and An Update

Well we're two weeks away from due date and I haven't posted a bumpdate in, I don't even know... months? Sounds about right. I really hope I'm better about keeping updated with her growth out of my belly than I was with her in it. Because I obviously failed miserably at documenting this pregnancy.

I figured a couple maternity photos, taken by my friend Laura Gallup, would be the best update for the time being. Take a look!

But where are we now? I hit 38 weeks tomorrow and haven't seen a single sign of her popping out anytime soon.

I honestly feel completely normal. For about 90% of the day I don't even feel pregnant. There's definitely that other 10% where I feel like a blimp and things certainly get a little uncomfortable when I get a swift kick to the ribs, but other than that, I've been really lucky.

Every pregnant woman I've ever known always seemed to hit that "Get it the heck out of me/I'm so completely over this" point at the end of pregnancy, but I haven't gotten there yet. I'm assuming I will within the next couple weeks? Who knows. At this rate I could stay pregnant until Christmas and be fine with it. Except for that's a complete and utter lie because I'm just so DARN excited to meet her.

I want to meet her and know what she looks like more than I've ever wanted anything else in my life.

And I want to snuggle her and watch Trevor become wrapped around her little finger and have Pudge sniff her for all of eternity even more. So. Mother. Ducking. Excited.

Seeing everyone I love the most in this world have so much excitement over her arrival is pretty much the best thing ever as well. I catch Trev peeking into her nursery quite often these days. I'll come out of the laundry room or something and see him standing halfway through the doorway of her room and I'll be like "Whatcha doin' babe?" and he'll say "Just peeking" or "Just checking on it" and I die. It's such a bizarre feeling knowing that she'll actually be in there any day now.

What's also absurd is the fact that she doesn't have a name yet. Queue panic.

We have a rolling list of three or four names that we like but we haven't settled on one or chosen one by any means.

I don't pray, but I pray to all the gods in Game of Thrones that she comes out distinctly looking like one of the ones we have picked out and that we both end up going "Yup. That's it." Because man is this the most stressful thing ever.

As for being ready: I'm about there but I seem to be quite the opposite of the typical nester. That all came to me right away instead of right towards the end.

I had pretty much everything done by the end of my second trimester. And now that I'm actually supposed to be nesting, all I want to do is absolutely nothing. So I've been putting off the last minute things like vacuuming out my car (so much dog hair) to get the car seat in there, packing my hospital bag, getting her bassinet in our room, and setting up all my mama recovery supplies.

And that all desperately needs to be finished this week so send me some positive vibes, guys! I did manage to at least pack the little lady's hospital bag, so that's a solid win, right?

Oh and I also need to photograph the nursery and get those picture up on this blog of mine as well. Anyone wanna come do that whole photographing thing for me? I'll pay you in licks from Pudge because he's all about licking both Trev and me all over these days. Such a weirdo, that one.

Hopefully I'll be back with a nursery reveal by the end of the week!