One Month Update

So my kid is two months old and I'm just now putting up her one month update. Hi, blog mom failure, party of one.

I'd really like to be able to use my blog as a baby book one day though, so I can't miss out on anything. I'm just trying to play a little catch up here lately since I pretty much took her first six weeks of life off from even touching my Macbook. Bare with me guys!

Here we are at one month old:

A few people asked me how the heck she was sitting up by herself. She's been pretty good about holding her head up since what feels like her first day but she's really just leaned back a bit on the pillow. There were seven billion other shots of her falling over onto her unicorn, so don't let this fool you!

Anyway, these are the things I had written down along with her picture that day:

• she sleeps all.the.time like the sleeping beauty that she shares a name with
• she toots so loud (and often) that she wakes up Pudge
• we've finally gotten the hang of breastfeeding
• bottle chugging is also one of her favorite pastimes which has resulted in quite a few throw ups - she just goes too darn fast!
• she weighs 8lb1oz which puts her in the 25th percentile
• we're still rocking newborn clothes because of it
• she experienced Hooter's for the first time (thanks Trev)
• her favorite things to stare at are the faucet during bath time, the gallery wall of Pudge pictures behind the couch, and her mirror
• she makes more facial expressions in a minute than I do all day

Aurora's first month went great! The only problem we had was her poor latching for about the first week. So we had to use a syringe with a feeding tube attached to it in order to feed her. Trev would stick his finger in her mouth while I stuck the tube in and then as soon as she started to suck his finger I would push some milk out of the syringe. That way she started to get the idea of actually having to work for her food and that sucking meant milk.

That definitely helped us a lot (and got some food into her!) but it wasn't really until the addition of the nipple shield that finally got her on the right track. Ever since we started using that, she's been able to latch on just fine.

She was an insanely good sleeper from the very start. Like, she probably slept 20 hours a day every day for that entire first month. Everyone kept saying "Oh man, you're going to be in for it tonight since she's been asleep all day" but no, she just kept right on going.

She slept in her DocATot which was in her bassinet right next to my side of the bed and it worked out great. She would sleep for about three hours at a time and then I'd either have to wake her up or she would on her own in order to eat. Getting her up enough to not fall asleep again while nursing was our biggest hurdle. We'd seriously have to strip her down and lay her on the cold coffee table to get her little butt up!

We never had an issue with her reversing her day and night or being awake all night long. Girlfriend just loves loves loves to snuggle and sleep. And she also loved being swaddled right from her very first minute of life. I praise swaddles and I don't understand how anyone can not use them. Hooray for DocATot and SwaddleMe!

There are a billion other things I'd love to write about from her first month but the main thing worth sharing is the baby blues. I suffered from that for about three days (which is SO SHORT in the grand schemes of things) but holy heck was it the scariest thing ever. I think I'll probably just write an entire post on it because I was completely unaware that it would happen and I think there needs to be more knowledge out there for those who are just about to give birth for the first time.

I posted her two month update right after this so you can check that out HERE