The Love List Lately

CACTUSES: I've been an Olympic Pinterest peruser lately now that I'm knee deep in all things home decor. It's basically my second job at this point. But as you could probably tell from my last post about home decor, I have a small obsession with succulents. They're about the only green thing I can keep alive. Babies? Piece of cake. Plants? Epic failure. But succulents and cactuses are easy because you can just stick them in a corner and remember they're there every other week or so and everything's still all good. And this pin of those cactuses in little love bags? Too adorable. P.S. come follow along with me on Pinterest here so I can follow you back and stalk you. P.P.S. Cactuses is a word for all of you who think I sound like a raging moron. And so is cacti but I think that sounds way weirded than cactuses.

QUOTE: This hand watercolored print is from the epically talented Jenna Kutcher. That girl amazes me with everything she does but this specific quote stuck out to me lately. I know a couple Judgey McJudgertons that could certainly use this sort of encouragement.

GREY QUILTED PILLOW: I mentioned buying this in my last post but I don't think one line really does it justice. Because this throw pillow is just the best. It's the perfect charcoal grey. It's a great solid but it also has the quilted pattern to add texture, and I'm alllll about adding in textures wherever I can.

HOODIE: This is single handedly the. best. hoodie I've ever owned. I've probably worn it 5 out of the last 15 days since it arrived on my doorstep and I've gotten numerous compliments on it already. But the kicker here is that it's cheap as crap. Find it here and buy two; you'll love it that much.

HEELS: I'm a firm believer in that a girl can never have too many black heels. But one comfy pair is better than having ten that leave you blistered and bruised. These ones are from H&M and they're really comfortable. Just buy a half size smaller than you are because they run big.

HERBS & SPICES: Once again, this little box is also from H&M. Target and H&M should just stick a barcode on me and own me at this rate. But I love the old vintage-y barn look and these fit perfectly into that. I also bought two of these long ones and they are the quintessential size for the backs of toilets. Or tops of toilets? I have no idea what that part of a toilet is called but it's the part that's not the bowl, obviously. Now just to figure out what to put in them.

SUNGLASSES: I used to own a pair of polka dotted sunnies but they got lost in my many moves. These cuties are from Apparel Candy - a site that offers the option to purchase both wholesale clothing and wholesale jewelry, whether you're a company or not. They're a great site if you're looking to start up your own boutique or even if you're buying items for a large group like a sorority or a fun event!

MISS DIOR PRINT: The single hardest part of my new home decor process has been filling all the empty frames I have scattered around. For awhile there they were all just hung up on the wall, picture-less. I finally started making my way around Etsy this past week in order to find some prints to actually put in them. I came across this adorable one from Macarons and Mimosas and downloaded it on the spot. It's an illustration of the perfume bottle I wear so it seemed like the perfect fit to sit on top of my dresser.

BOXWOOD WREATH: I've wanted one of these suckers for quite a long time but they're just so darn expensive that I haven't bitten the bullet yet. I've loved this one from Target for forever too but seeing this DIY tutorial to make your own kind of has me switching lanes.

And that wraps up my love list as of late. Now it's your turn - tell me what you're loving lately!