Just Because...

Just because... 

I became enthralled in the black/blue - white/gold dress debate and posted about it on Facebook doesn't mean I don't care about the terror taking place in our world because of ISIS. It was simply a quick craze that provided a bit of humor and debate. There was absolutely no harm in it. Unless you actually debated to the point of no return over it, that is.

Yet people quickly took to judging anyone who posted about it, automatically assuming that they cared more about "the damn color of an ugly dress" instead of the pure evil happening elsewhere in the world.

Except for no. I just chose to post a fun silly status on my wall while you posted a seven minute long gruesome video of innocent people being beheaded on yours. That certainly doesn't constitute for you "caring" more than I do. I would just rather not fill the feeds of those coming to my Facebook for a quick breather from daily life with horrifying videos.

Am I still aware of what's going on around me and am I up to date on the news? Of course. But I don't need to tell you that on Facebook in order for you to not assume the opposite.

Meanwhile, this isn't even a picture of children being burned by ISIS. It was a deliberately staged anti-government protest in Syria that was attempting to compare the actions of Bashar al-Assad to ISIS.

So please, go on about how informed you really are while I sit here and marvel in your greatness and bow my head in shame for posting #teamblackandblue on social media.

Just because... 

I started dating Trevor a month after ending my previous relationship doesn't mean I'm crazy and go through boyfriends like tampons.

I've had four in my entire (almost) 26 years of life. My first at 18 which was disastrously on and off for quite awhile. The second at 21 which was even more on and off for years and ultimately ended in Charlotte. Adam aka Hunkfest. And now Trev. 

So I don't know about you, but that doesn't seem too psychotic to me.

My sincerest apologies for not being able to control the timing of meeting the guy who has made me the happiest I've ever been, though. I really should have told him I needed to hit the pause button for a year so that the internet strangers of the world wouldn't call my crazy. My bad.

Just because...

I celebrate Memorial Day with a BBQ and a beer in hand doesn't mean I've completely forgotten about the true meaning of the holiday. I am unbelievably grateful and honestly in awe of all the men and women who choose to fight for our freedom daily. I don't have the guts, bravery, or strength for any of it. P.S. I love you, Broski, my stud of an Army medic.

So will I take a solemn moment next Monday to thank and honor those who ultimately sacrificed their lives while doing fighting for our great country? Absolutely.

But am I supposed to sit at home with my hands between my legs and force myself to only think about all of those men and women for the entirety of the day in order for you to not post a judgmental meme about me being at a BBQ on Facebook? I think not.

Good grief... 

The caption should really read: "Memorial Day - In case you didn't have the idiocy to take a child's devastating loss and turn it into a viral meme about this day, I'm here for you!" I'll take the BBQ, thanks.

Wow. And that ends my rant for the day. I'm not sure where all the snark came from but there it is. I'll go hug a baby now.