I Confess Sesh

I confess that...


++ It has been entirely way too long since I've done one of these posts. I think every human in the world should do this in some sort of capacity at least once a month because it just feels good to let it all go.


++ I ate a Drumstick ice cream cone in bed Wednesday night and passed out ten minutes later. 


++ I tweeted about it before doing so and Drumstick replied. New life high or low... I'm not sure.

++ I finally turned on the Republican presidential debate for the first time this year and had to watch it through the holes between my fingers because my hands were covering my eyes in terror. Trump actually discussed his penis size. Hello? America? Is this even real life? And is Bloomberg just waiting for this to all turn into a sincere shitstorm before running so that we'll all just automatically assume he's some sort of savior sent from heaven and jump on his ship out of sheer desperation? Let's sure hope so.


++ April Kepner being pregnant again makes my heart way happier than it should.


++ I'm in the middle of starting a new little side business venture/project/Etsy shop thingy mabob and I'm super excited but super nervous about it.


++ I ended up buying two things from the Pillowfort collection last weekend. The gator stuffed animal and the unicorn wall mount. Thank goodness I have a new niece to blame this child shopping on because, I mean, how could I not?


++ Sourpatch Watermelon's are orgasms inserted into tiny gummy creations, I'm sure of it. Is there anything in existance that tastes better than those things? I'll answer for you... no.


++ I have absolutely zero plans other than eating Chinese food and having a House of Cards marathon with Trev tonight and I cannot WAIT for the laziness to ensue.


++ Pudge is growing up too fast and I want to cry about it daily.


++ I also may have actually cried over Trevor changing his phone's lock screen to a picture of that little Pudge man. He's had a Boston Red Sox logo as his screen since before we even started dating. I'm a Yankees fan so you can imagine my excitement over this for the past year and a half. But I sent him a picture of Pudge because that's all I do these days and he sent me back a screenshot of his lock screen and my eyes grew into big fat puffy hearts on the spot. I love how much he loves that little bugger.


++ I haven't seen The Good Dinosaur yet and I fail like a complete failure at life. That will be happening tomorrow, don't you worry Pixar.


++ I got legitimately upset when I accidentally found out who won The Bachelor last week. I avoided the Reality Steve spoilers for so long and resisted the urge every single week after each rose ceremony. Then I went and googled "Jojo's brother" because I recognized him from that other love reality show and the random site that told me who he was decided to take it upon themselves to ruin my whole life by the one single sentence telling me who did and didn't win. Bachelor ruining bastards.


++ I want to dropkick Ben Higgins whenever he says "Lauren and I's" relationship. THAT'S NOT ENGLISH, sir.


++ I was dumbfounded when I saw this pin. The chick on the left is my body shape and I've always wondered why I couldn't just be a smooth curve life the right chick instead of having a "dip" between my hips and my thighs. Thanks to Pinterest, I now know.


++ We're going to see my brother, my sister-in-law, and my brand new little baby niece next week and I couldn't be more excited to squish her little face and love her to pieces. That 13+ hour drive to Kentucky to get to them, though? Not interested.


++ I'm the happiest I've ever been in my whole darn 26.75 years and I'm loving every second of life right now. Keep it up, universe.