6 Swoon Worthy Holiday Home Tours

It's December 8th and I haven't decorated for Christmas yet. (Insert state of shock and horror here) Last year I was completely done by mid November. This year, though? I have a tree that just made its way into the house and its stand last night, one "Our First Christmas" ornament photo magnet thingy on the fridge, and three boxes of decorations sitting in the living room.

That's it.

I feel like a total failure. My middle name is basically holiday and my bible is easily Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas, yet nada. We were even watching Last Man on Earth (great show P.S.) last night and Carol was decked out to the brim in a Christmas outfit puking holiday decor all over her house and Trev was like that. is. so. you.

But not this year. At least not yet.

I blame the fact that the weather man still keeps telling me that the temperatures are supposed to hover around 50 degrees for as far out as my iPhone app takes me. Hello (Jack Frost) it's me. I'm in Upstate New York dreamin' about how we used to be, when we had snow on Christmas Eve. God I love you, Adele. Oh and I also blame the fact that I've just been busy as shit decorating with normal decor ever since moving in, so take it easy on me okay?

That certainly hasn't stopped me from lusting over everyone else's holiday masterpieces, though. My DVR watching skills are weeks behind because I just sit on my Macbook going through Christmas decor house tours. Sorry, Olivia and Meredith and Annalise. 

So seeing how I love sharing my obsessions with others, I thought I'd show you my favorites so you too can die over the greatness that these six ladies have turned their homes into.

1. The Wood Grain Cottage - I've already mentioned here before how much I am in love with this home. Shayna just speaks my love language when it comes to decor. Her take on the modern farmhouse look is absolute perfection and I want to move in yesterday. You should start taking bets on how long it takes me to shiplap and/or batten all of my walls because it's going to happen here soon.

2. A Burst of Beautiful - I love how Alicia sticks to just the neutrals in her home. I'm very much the same way. Her little trick of using a feather boa in her Christmas Tree is something my brain would have never come up with, though. Doesn't it look so cozy? Like you just want to become a squirrel and hibernate your life away inside there?

3. Almafied - The majority of Alma's amazing Christmas home tour is featured on her Instagram instead of her blog but I love the little pops of red ball ornaments in her dishware here. That coupled with the fact that she got that dang China cupboard for a whopping $30.

4. The Wicker House - This. Ohhhhh this. Emily makes me want to hop on a plane to Idaho every time I catch a glimpse of her house. I'm glad two of the rooms in my place are pretty much identical to these two paint colors or I'd be headed to Home Depot real quick. It's just so cozy I want to die.

4. House of Five - You know those people that show you a picture of their Christmas tree and you're all like "Huh? How?' Well that's Ashley, for ya. I'm pretty sure some of these ladies took a class in college on tree decorating without anyone else knowing it was an elective option.

6. Kindred Vintage & Co. - If you follow me on Instagram you know I finally, after five years of lusting, just ordered myself some felt balls. It was my sole Cyber Monday purchase (pats herself on the back) and I can't wait for them to show up at my door. But Susan and her epic winter wonderland of a home used them perfectly here. Seriously, go look at this home tour. It's better than a damn spread in a magazine.

And there you have it - six holiday home tours that have me drooling candy canes. If this post can't get me away from my laptop and into hanging stockings then I'm making myself move to Mount Crumpit. Enjoy everyone and share any links you have of your favorite holiday home decor!