Four Month Update

Little Miss Sherman turned four months old on the 29th. How?! Please tell me, guys. You truly don't understand what they all mean when they tell you that "it goes by so fast" until you actually are experiencing it. Gosh darn it, it's gut wrenching and amazingly awesome all at the same time.

Rori stopped sleeping through the night a few days after turning three months old. Once those REM cycles set it, we struggled getting her down at night. Some nights it would take almost two hours before she finally stayed asleep for good. She'd sleep for twenty minutes and then be up again. I'd rock until she was drowsy, put her in her crib, she'd sleep for another twenty and then cry again. Rinse and repeat for two hours until she finally stayed asleep for real. Blah. Those cycles, along with attempting to sleep train her, and also transition her out of the swaddle made for quite the roller coaster of crazy.

We've seemed to find our groove, though, and all is well again. She sleeps about 11-12 hours every night but wakes up once somewhere in between to chug a 4oz bottle before going right back to sleep. 

As of this week she's no longer being swaddled and she's just wearing her Nested Bean Zen Sack. She's still sleeping in her DockATot and now that we were just given the next size up in the Dock, I think she'll be sleeping that way until she can form complete sentences and tie her shoes. I still have yet to do a post on sleep alone, but I'll get there, I promise.

The Rorster loves bath time still but we have yet to get her out of the sink and into the tub. Does anyone have any recommendations on baby bathtubs to use in there? There are too many options!

She also loves to stare at/play with/suck on her hands. Who needs toys when you have two hands?! She will lay on her changing table with a fist held high in the air and stare at it for five minutes straight. Her feet have also slowly started to become more fascinating. She likes to put the bottoms of them together and rub them back and forth. We lose a lot of socks because of this.

She's becoming super talkative, loves to blow raspberries, has absolutely no interest in rolling over, is super distracted when nursing (especially when she hears her dad's voice), is obsessed with the TV (ugh), has started to pay a lot more attention to Pudge, is still wearing quite a lot of 0-3 month clothes but needs 3-6 month sizes for her long legs, she naps well, chugs well, and still hasn't quite gotten to the point of full on cackling belly laughs. She just giggles in her own little way.

I'm afraid she's going to be a tough one to crack and have a super serious face on all the time, even when she's not meaning to be serious, just like her mom. Apparently RBF is genetic. Sorry lady.

I still can't believe this little Rori Roo of a chunky monkey is ours sometimes. The love is just unreal. You are my whole world, Aurora Laine Sherman.