First Trimester Must Haves


I realize seven billion other pregnant chicks have already given you all the first trimester must haves in their own blog posts, but everyone's different, so I decided to share mine as well.

Pregnancy has been pretty easy on me so far and I'm so grateful for that. My only real complaint has been my nose. It has been a never ending half stuffed up/half draining faucet ever since the day I saw those two pink lines. It's exponentially worse at night, which is just lovely by the way, so I'm headed over to Amazon to pick up one of those cute Crane humidifiers for it this week.

But other than that, things have been pretty breezy. So here are my list of must haves so far!

Sour Patch Watermelons - I'm obsessed with gummies any day of the year, but I've loved them even more now that I'm pregnant. Give me all the gummy things. Especially these because they're my absolutely favorite. And good for a quick blood sugar boost when things get too low and you're feeling nauseous. There are obviously way healthier options but where's the fun in that?! 

Burt's Bees Mama Butter - I don't have any stretch marks... yet (and I didn't even have a bump for the first trimester) but I bought this anyway. I love Burt's products so this seemed like a good fit for me. Plus my mom got a ton of stretch marks with me so I figure it's inevitable. Oh genetics, how I love thee.

Water bottle - Water water water. It fixes everything. I was pretty crampy for the first couple weeks and drinking a ton of water helped ease all of that nonsense quite a bit. And having a cute bottle with you all the time makes it super easy to remember to drink up.

Mossimo Yoga Pants - I live in these because I'm a nanny but they were a saving grace during my bloated days in the beginning weeks. The band helped suck all the pudge in and smooth things over. Plus now that I have somewhat of a bump I can unfold it and have extra fabric to extend over my belly. And they're cheap! Win win, thank you Target.

Rainbow Light Prenatals - I've heard that a lot of people get sick off of their prenatals which scared me. This was the first brand I tried and that never happened to me so I stuck with them. Trevor even looked them over to make sure I was getting all the good stuff that I needed because he's a hippy health nut. Mom tested, boyfriend approved.

up & up DHA Prenatals - The only thing the Rainbow Light's don't have is enough DHA. So I bought these off-brand ones from Target to fill in the gap.

Ovia Pregnancy App - My saving grace. I highlyyy recommend this app if you are pregnant. It is amazing. I'm obsessed with checking my calendar every day and seeing how big the nugget is each week. It gives you new little tidbits every day based on how far along you are and a rundown of everything new that'll be happening to both you and the baby at the beginning of each week. Plus you can email any of the info over to your significant other to keep them in the loop which Trev has enjoyed.

Luigi's Italian Ice - The only thing that ever sounded good for a couple months there in the beginning. Cold and fruity won me over and these are perfect for that.

And there you have it, my first trimester must haves. Does anyone have any suggestions or products they've loved for their second tri? Because that's where I'm at now and I'd love any advice!