Oh How Pinteresting

It's been quite a long time since I've dumped my latest Pinterest finds into this blog of mine, so I figured today was as good a day as any to get back into it. And seeing as how pretty pictures don't need much of an introduction, let's just get right to it.

There was once a time when I wanted every single piece of furniture I owned to be white and thought the concept of anyone having wood colored pieces was insane. I've come quite a long way since then because I've fallen in love with wooden furniture in a serious way. They definitely need to be stained right, like this bed frame from Ella Claire, but I really do love how they tie into my obsession for neutrals. Oh and those pillows?! I'm ready to dive in.

I Instagram spammed these a little while ago but I just couldn't help but do it again. I've had a crush on hexagons, as you can probably tell from my new Etsy shop header and past blog post collages that I've done, so it's not surprise that I fell hard for these too. Beijos Events nailed the design for this Mother's Day brunch. And they just might have inspired me to create something similar for my own shop soon!

Fall fall FALL! Give me fall or give me death. That's basically all my mind and body have been screaming lately. Because when you have to lay flat out on your living room floor in front of the air conditioner and still can't seem to regulate your body temperature enough to stop dripping sweat, you realize you're about done with the heat. Being nine months pregnant in the dead of summer is rough, let me tell ya. But this look cozy yet still completely polished look from Ashley over at The Teacher Diva legitimately makes my insides swell up with happiness. I cannot even put into words the excitement that cooler weather, apple picking, jeans, and brand new boots brings me. It's overwhelming and I'm so obnoxious about it that it hurts.

This damn kitchen, you guys. I'd give a pinky toe for it. It's by Nicole Davis Interiors and it's nothing short of perfect. I'm so enamored by the white with the gold fixtures. I've been toying with the idea of changing out my faucet and cabinet hardware so I've been perusing PlumbTile like it's my job searching through their never ending list of options. I especially love the vintage options like this one but how's a girl really supposed to decide with so much to choose from?!

As soon as life slows down for me a bit (yeah right) I'm making this my next DIY project. House numbers definitely don't have to be boring and I'm so drawn to this little wooden plant box version from Cricut. The numbers are made out of stack of chipboard numbers cut out and glued together. How genius is that?

Ever since I stumbled upon The Wood Grain Cottage I've been completely enamored by cotton branches. I've wanted to decorate with them ever since but I've just finally gotten around to scooping some up while the floral section at Hobby Lobby was half off. I'm not sure how much fall decorating will be happening in our home since baby girl is due right as Autumn is set to arrive, but I'll at least have my cotton stems! Plus, I think I can probably manage a couple pumpkins on my kitchen counter like The Grace House has here.

And that about does it for me on this Friday afternoon. I'm off to go ship out all of your orders from Kensington Gray's shop launch yesterday, woohoo! I can't thank you all enough for your sweet words and especially to those that ordered. It was such a success and I love that you love them just as much as I do.