Currently I'm...

HOPING: I know that it's still February but I'm reallyyy hoping we have an actual spring this year. It seems to go from 20 to 70 in a matter of weeks in Upstate New York every year, but this time around I'd really like to hover somewhere between 50 and 60 until, say, mid-May? And hold off on the rain while we're at it. Puppy training in the mud is no joke. Thank you for taking requests, Mother Nature. Love ya.

WANTING: This wooden sign. I just love the quote and basically every sign in this House of Belonging Etsy shop.

THINKING: That John Lennon really knew what he was talking about when he said "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans." Hashtag ain't that the truth.

CELEBRATING: Becoming an aunt for the first time ever! My little bundle of beauty, Adalina Nicole, was born yesterday and I'm already so in love with someone so small that I've never even met. We go down to Kentucky to visit my brother and his wife (and baby!) in a couple weeks and I can't wait to snuggle that sweetheart.

WATCHING: The season finale of Teen Mom. Because, yes of course I do still watch that god forsaken show. I mean, how would I get by without an ugly cry from Farrah every week?! And catching up on last week's TGIT shows (please just tell me what the connection is between Annalise and Wes is already). As well as the Fixer Upper episode from last night because shiplap is life.

EATING: Easter candy. I decided I was going to try to be healthy this week because I've been eating everything in site lately. Then I walked into my nanny family's house for work Monday morning and saw this. Womp. P.S. Fuck black jelly beans.

READING: I'm pretty sure the last time I read an entire book was circa the Harry Potter days. I joke, I joke, but only slightly because I think I've read maybe a total of five books since deciding I'd be sorted into Hufflepuff with my Platypus Patronus in tow. Kid's books don't count. I'm almost certain that I've read The Very Hungry Caterpillar more times than I've peed in the past four years. I used to devour books when I was little. But now? I'd rather chew the sticks that Pudge has already chewed up and spit out than read a novel. So the only real things that I read are Instagram captions and theSkimm. And if you aren't reading that every morning then you're doing life wrong. It's the only reason I know about anything going on in this world. Sign up for it here (it's free) and I promise you'll feel 100 times smarter by tomorrow morning.

ATTEMPTING: To keep my damn plants alive. I think my gravestone might just have to say "Babies are easier than plants" because, my lord. 

TRYING: To avoid any news related to Trump or Kanye. Before that I was trying to avoid Bachelor spoilers. I was doing so well until I googled Joelle's brother because I recognized him from another reality show and sure enough the website spoiled the winner for me. And it wasn't even Reality Steve! I swear you just have to hide in submarine if you don't want to find out these days. Mad face emoji.

OBSESSING OVER: The new Pillowfort kids decor collection at Target. Just when you thought you could skip an aisle in that money pit of a store, they go and throw this crap in there. I legitimately want all of it. Maybe more than I want all the Threshold nonsense. And I mayyy just break down and buy the flamingo and the unicorn head and the octopus. Seriously go take a look, you'll be there for awhile.