Current Lust List

1 // Hat - A big floppy straw hat with a cute string bow. Need it. ASAP. That is all.

2 // Tote - I've fallen in love with these soft muted ivory totes. There are quite a few designers making them but they always seem to cost more than a month's rent. But this one from Lyst is by 7chi and it's only $65. Plus it's reversible so you can turn it inside out and get an entirely new tote in a beautiful camel brown color. Two for the price of one! And if you haven't heard of Lyst until now, you need to go check them out. They're a great website that rounds up fashion from designers and stores from all over the world and puts everything in one convenient shopping place. This alone made it so easy for me to see a ton of different bag options, from all different designers, all in one place.

3 // Tank - This color reminds me of succulents and we all know I'm a big sucker for those little babes. Old Navy calls it "Tyme To Go" but they obviously got it all wrong. I do love the flowyness (not a word) of this though and that it has a cute racer back.

4 // Baby outfit - I seriously want to cry looking at this teeny ensemble of all things adorable. I would legitimately wear it if it came in my size. Thank you LORD for giving me a niece.

5 // Sandals - I need new tan wedges for summer like I need a billion dollars and seventeen naps. Granted these aren't wedges, like at all, but I ended up loving these more than the wedged sandal option while browsing the BOGO 50% off sale going on at Target. Granted this means I'll actually need to go get myself a pedicure so that I don't scare off the entire state of New York with my winterized feet, but hey, at least I have an excuse to get the ball rolling. Pun obviously intended here, friends.

6 // Bikini - The thing with me and bikinis is that I either get "sexy" ones from Victoria's Secret or overly girly "cutesy" ones from H&M. There's really no in-between. We obviously know which category this falls under.

7 // Green Top - mildly obsessed with this hunter green lace peplum from Banana. I've been eyeing tops like these ever since seeing Christine from Hello Fashion in this amazing white peplum top. But that was sold out and also about six hundred bucks so no thank you boo. I still really want something that's way closer to that version than this green one, though, so if you have any ideas I'd love for you to lay them on me.

8 // Blue Top - I have this from Target in a pink floral and it's great.

9 // Paisley Maxi - I justtttt ordered this a few days ago to wear for a secret special occasion coming up soon and I cannot WAIT for it to get here. I've been praying to the fashion gods ever since hoping that it will actually fit me. That plunging neckline kind of freaks the heck out of me, so we'll see. I'm not really one for crazy patterns either but this is just so pretty and subdued that even I love it.

And there you have it, my current lust list. It's basically filled with all things tan, blue, and green (which happened on accident) but it's definitely missing a ton of things that I'm lusting after in real life. Like those seventeen naps and about a gazillion more of those ice cream cones I got last weekend.