Blog Design Launch: The Barbee Housewife

"I want something completely different than I have now. I like classic, with a little trendy added in. Black, white, gold, pink, and florals."

Those were the words I got back from my client, Caroline, after I had asked her what she was looking for in a new blog design. I even received a couple "I have no idea :)" responses to a couple of the questions regarding fonts and inspiration graphics. So she pretty much gave me free reign to design something I liked because she said she really just loves my aesthetic and then would tweak anything to her liking once I was finished.

Music to a blog designer's ears!

She did finally end up caving and sent me a pin from Pinterest of a bridal shower invitation that she liked the overall look of. The kraft paper, the fonts, the florals - all amazing. So this single image was what I based her entire site design off of.

And from there it was off to the races and I whipped up one of my most favorite blog designs to date. Another one of those "Should I really send this over to the client, or should I just keep it for my own re-design?" moments.

So go check everything out and make sure you stop by Caroline's blog, The Barbee Housewife, to read up on all of her awesome recipes!


Feel free to pin any of these images to Pinterest to save for future blog design inspiration! And if you're looking for a blog revamp of your own, I'd looove to help you :) Check out my portfolio, shoot me an email, and let's get started!