Blog Design Launch: BLoved Boston

I'm a bit behind on my blog design launch posts so my apologies if you've already seen me introduce this new one via any of my social media channels. All of these images are also tucked away in my portfolio as well, but I also like to have them stand alone in their own blog posts. It makes it feel more real for me and I love showing you all how my design process works since so many of you ask!

Today's featured design launch is for the lovely Biana over at BLoved Boston.

All of my design work starts out with an email full of questions for my clients. I ask everything from what kind of Pins you're obsessing over on Pinterest, to what mood you'd like to portray with your design, to what fonts and colors you're loving, to the nitty gritty details of all your social media URL links.

Biana replied back to me with all of her information and this general idea for her design:

"I want the layout to be crisp, clean, and easy to read. Pleasant to the eye and almost seem as if it's a Wordpress site (they seem to be really easy to flow through). I'm going for a chic, sophisticated and feminine look. I want people to almost feel at peace when they come to my site and want to stay and read a while!"

That overall feel, as well as her love for blush, black, and gold, and I was on my way to creating her inspiration board. 

We had a discussion about how she felt that her color scheme had been a bit overplayed lately, but nonetheless, she still wanted something similar and didn't want to stray too far away from what she truly loved. So we ended up going with blush, a charcoal instead of black, marigold as opposed to gold, plus a bit of a lighter grey and a darker coral to compliment.

After changing out a couple photos that weren't her style, we were set on the inspo board and it was on to the design board. I added in a coordinating signature, a pop of fun marigold in the social media buttons, and a custom "pin it" button.

I love how bright everything is yet still completely sophisticated!

After the design board, it was time to design her site mockup. This is basically just a large image that looks exactly like the actual blog will look post-install. That way the client can see the full design layout and have the opportunity (if needed) to tweak or change anything they don't completely love.

As soon as we both sign off on the finished product, it's time for the install and everything comes to life right before you very eyes. And voila, the finished product is born!

So what do you think? Do you like the tweaks we made to the ever popular blush/black/gold color scheme? P.S. Make sure you go check out Biana and say hi, she's such a sweetheart!