Birthdays All Around

Going back to work after your second favorite time of the year ends is depressing. Thanksgiving to NYE will always be my absolute most loved time on the calendar but my birthday (the 3rd) and Independence Day all wrapped up into one three day weekend is definitely always a close second.

So much food, so much fun.

I started off the weekend by getting the last of the remnants of my baby shower put away in the nursery. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention on here that I had the first of my showers last weekend. My mom threw one for our side of the family with the help of two of my friends and it was the cutest ever. Complete with a seafood boil instead of your traditional tea sandwiches and veggie plates, per my request.

Couldn't quite manage finding a nude bra in my size, though, so don't judge too harshly...

It was quite possibly the hottest day we've had so far this summer, so it was a real joy wiping little sweat drips out of my knee pits while opening presents in front of 35 friends and family members. I mean I do try to keep things as classy as possible...

But I'm so glad we decided to have two separate showers for my side and Trevor's side because it would've just been way too much with double the people and double the baby things to put away.

As you can see, the baby Hunter boots definitely didn't need to be stored anywhere. They're sitting right on top of her dresser for all the world to see. Just ask me how excited I am to match with her in our boots. Just. Ask.

On Saturday we went to a 4th of July party and whipped up some virgin cocktails since another close friend of mine is also expecting this fall. We've decided that it's easier to suffer the sober life together and it's worked out well so far.

This one was frozen raspberries, seltzer water, lime juice, sugar, and ice. It was our take on a Frozen Raspberry Lime Rickey and it was seriously amazing! 

Sunday was my birthday. I'm officially a 27 year old and it just feels weirder than shit to be in my late twenties. I got a birthday card from Pudge telling me I'm the best mom ever (all the aww's), diamond earrings and a big brown bag full of frozen crab legs from Trev (that we're eating tonight and I want to die in excitement), and a day at our family friends' pool to tan my bump at.

We ended up doing the same exact thing for America's birthday as we did for mine since there really isn't anything better than stuffing your face full of good BBQ food by a pool for endless hours of the day. But man, I think the doctor should just go easy on pregnant women during national holidays because holy hell did I eat enough to feed every herd of elephants still living on this planet.

I also feel like I could nap for a week straight after all the partying we did. Three day weekends should always include a fourth day for doing nothing but sit on the couch to recover. Because, trust me, you don't need to have poisoned your liver for all three days in order to still need to sit on your ass after a holiday weekend.

Pudge could probably use a day as well after all of his shenanigans.

I hope you all had the best holiday weekend!