Aurora Laine: What's In A Name

So we're all aware how painstakingly difficult it was for me to name my child, right? I mean I only talked about it seven hundred and sixty two times since announcing I was even having a child.

My indecisiveness came as no shock to me, though, since I was well aware by the age of twelve that I'd never be able to name my kids. My never-ending and always-evolving lists of favorite names made it pretty apparent that it was going to be an impossible task for me whenever that day came.

And now that I've actually had a baby and had to name it...? I still feel exactly the same way.

If it weren't for those discharge papers at the hospital that included the birth certificate info (and thus an area to fill in a real life name) she probably still wouldn't have one. But I was 100% adamant on not wanting to leave without her having one so we forced ourselves to pick one before we left.

P.S. Did you know that you can wait up to a year to name your child? A MOTHER EFFING YEAR?! Who in their right mind would do that to their poor kid. Crazy talk, I tell ya.

Anyway, let's go back to the beginning.

Even before we were pregnant we knew what we would be naming a boy if we ever had one. There's a family name on his side that he's wanted to use since he was younger and I (miraculously!) actually love it and have had it on my boy lists. So that was set and ready to go and we would've announced it right when we found out the gender had it been a boy.

So of course we ended up having a girl... Because duh, that's just my life.

After finding out little miss was, in fact, a little miss I spent the remaining months of my pregnancy googling baby names. And I do mean that in the most literal way possible. Like, it legitimately came a part time job of mine. I probably spent at least ten hours a week doing something related to finding a name for our daughter. I was on websites like Nameberry and Baby Name Wizard daily, I put up polls on Babycenter of my current favorites, I texted my mom all the time asking for her opinion, I tired to text Trevor less so I wouldn't annoy the ever living daylights out of him, I googled meanings behind names, I looked up famous people with each of the names I liked, I made lists of middle names to go with each of my options, and I was on the Social Security site pouring over the popularity charts because I didn't want something in the Top 100.

Ho - lee - hell. I was effing crazy and I'll be the first to admit it.

Way back in the very beginning we both settled on Matilda. And we were basically 95% sure we were going to use it. Trev even bought the movie (one of my favorites) in the Target $5 bin one night and we watched it. My mom bought me the original book. I was googling art from it to hang in her nursery. Etc etc. But then this also became that same name that I mentioned some of our parents hating in one of my other posts. And while we (for the most part) didn't care what anyone thought, we slowly started to not feel like it was right.

Back to the chaos of searching.

And searching.

And then pretty much settling on something again.

Only to then scratch it off the list a week later and start all over agin.

Both "Elsie" and "Skylar" we two of the poor souls who went through that process. But "Elsie" is a cow from some company in the 70's (and also too cutesy) and Skylar was too unisex (and also too popular), so neither made the cut.

After the craziness of all that nonsense, we eventually we just decided to not pick one until she was born because we knew we would never actually be 100% certain about it until she came anyway. So we decided that we would just go to the hospital with the three that had lasted the longest on our list of "we both like this enough to not veto it" and pick whichever one we felt the most drawn to after seeing her.

Everyone told us that it would be easy once she was actually born and we would "just know".

Guess what, all of those people are effing crazy and you shouldn't listen to them if you're in the same boat as us because we were even more confused once she arrived.

She was born at 9:05pm Thursday night and we didn't write "Aurora Laine" down on the birth certificate form until 5:00pm Saturday night. That's almost 48 hours of knowing her for anyone attempting to do math. We both kept being like "She doesn't really look like any of them. Is she supposed to? Do we pick something else? Do you like one more for her than the others?"

The three were Willamina/Wilhelmina (nickname Willa or Mina), Sienna (not too many nickname options), and Aurora (nickname Rori).

Thankfully, after trying them out on her and discussing the options with our families, we both somehow migrated more towards Aurora/Rori. Trevor mentioned at one point wanting to name her just Rori and not using Aurora at all but I really wanted her to have a distinctly feminine name since Sherman is so masculine. I liked the "prettiness" of the longer name and the "cool spunkiness" of the nickname.

So Aurora it was and I'm so glad we went with it because now it's just so her.

One of my absolute favorite pictures to date. Such sass in this one!

One of my absolute favorite pictures to date. Such sass in this one!

There really isn't any significance to the name other than that we both honestly just liked it.

I didn't name her after the Disney princess, or the Northern Lights, even though I love both of those references. There's no significance to the fact that Aurora means "dawn" either but the line from Sleeping Beauty that says "A daughter was born, and they called her Aurora. Yes, they named her after the dawn, for she filled their lives with sunshine." is pretty much the sweetest thing ever. I watched the movie about a week before she was born and fell in love with that.

Maybe I knew deep down that it was the one I wanted to use all along? Who knows.

As for her middle name: Laine. My maternal grandmother is just about my most favorite person on the planet. I have so many childhood memories that I will cherish forever and I completely lucked out with getting her as a Grama, so I've know for awhile that I wanted to name my daughter after her. Her middle name is Elaine so I just took the 'E' off of the front and went with Laine as a nod to her. Plus I wanted something that went with both Aurora and Rori and Laine works well either way you say it (or yell it if she's pulling Pudge's tail). 

And that's the story of how we finally decided on Aurora Laine. Lord help me if we ever have another girl...